Conservation Arts is a program to promote wildlife education and improve the zoo experience through Art.


Conservation Arts is a way to amplify involvement, adding a whole new layer of interaction throughout any animal park. We work with living collections to make bronze models for public encounters, things you can put your hands on, ways to get closer to the animals... ways to touch the animals.

Our Founder, Tim Lawrence, uses a method called 'Life-Casting' (one of his old Hollywood tools) to make safe, quick flexible molds from the animals while they are sedated for routine procedures like x-rays. The molds are then used to make plaster casts. These one-of-a-kind ‘alpha’ casts are the raw material for the bronze pieces he’s hoping to help zoos all over the world produce at their sites.


The casts also form the basis for 3D scans used in 3D printing. These 3D scans will be made available online for the enrichment of classrooms everywhere.

Conservation Arts also offers:

  • Classroom visits, powerpoints and live demonstrations
  • On-site live animal casting sessions
  • Interactive exhibits and public art encounters
  • Educational plastic castings with Braille labels


Help us do this!


Launching in 2018! Stay Tuned!
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